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(647) 866-5002

Kaloty Truck & Trailer Repair 2020

24/7 Mobile Truck Repair & Truck Repair Shops 

London, ON & Brampton, ON

We offer truck Repair in Brampton, Truck Repair London, and Truck Repair in Toronto. The truck repair shop near you will provide quality service at affordable rates to keep your trucks on the road. Kaloty Truck & Trailer Repair will also provide 24/7 roadside assistance in a 30 min radius to Brampton and London, ON. Contact us today at 647-866-5002.

About Us

Kaloty Truck and Trailer Repair is proudly Canadian and provides reliable servicing, maintenance, and repairs that keep your trucks and trailers in top-notch working conditions, ready to hit the road! We support our clients with efficient and high-quality servicing and repairs through our two truck repair shops in London and Brampton. 

Our truck repair shops are capable of providing all services from complete general repair to full engine rebuild. We delight in our strong culture of delivering value to customers in a qualitative, timely, and cost-effective manner. 

We can perform preventive maintenance that comprises electrical and mechanical repairs on all makes and models of trucks and trailers through the experience and the innovative diagnostic tools. Also, we provide routine servicing and tune-up activities on your heavy-duty vehicles to ensure that your vehicles remain in top shape, giving you peace of mind on and off-road.

Equipped with top mechanics, there are no repair, servicing, or maintenance activities beyond our expertise. 

Our mobile unit is available to perform a quick fix on your vehicle to get it back on the road. We provide 24/7 roadside assistance. However, if our quick fix is not enough to restore your vehicle to top performance, we will tow your vehicle to wherever is appropriate for you- your yard or our facility, where detailed repairs will be carried out.

Our clients are our top priority. Whether you are a fleet owner or just a truck, we treat each customer as an individual with unique requirements and needs. We have highly experienced staff that works round the clock to restore your vehicle to its best working condition, ensuring maximum client satisfaction in the process.

Kaloty Truck and Trailer Repair is your best partner in keeping your trucks and trailers on the road. You can find us in London and Ontario, Canada.

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